Some companies lead by rules and some by hierarchies but IBM leads by values!

I have heard several people speak numerous times of IBM values; being embedded in all IBM initiatives. But to me these values came to life when I first associated with the brand and learned of its diversity initiatives, making the workplace a more comfortable environment to work in.

I have come to know this place as one where you can not only earn your bread and butter but as one that also empowers you to keep your values intact, providing ample opportunities to give back to society through what we do, the generosity we ascertain and active participation around creating an Inclusive Culture at IBM.

Be it IBM’s PwD agendas, encouraging more women in technical roles, or creating a flexibility around work-life balance helping their employees get more out of working here I have witnessed strategies come to life and being one with this culture is what makes one an IBMer.

Under the banner of the “big blue” you not only take comfort in the shadow of its ingenuities but also discover a zeal to expand your horizon of knowledge and skills to grow with the brand as part of its business transformation, it doesn’t take one long to settle into this blue community having experienced this myself as a Problem Manager with IBM, working towards minimizing the impact of incidents as part of the life-cycle of all problems.

I also look forward to continue serving the brand through my professional endeavors and if I may quote an IBMer’s thought: “Of course, you’re responsible for your deliverables, but there is an incredible amount of encouragement to participate in other projects.”, keeps me motivated to look at learning and contributions as a continuous process.