The Program

The Corporate Service Corps was launched in 2008 to help communities around the world solve critical problems while providing IBM employees unique leadership development opportunities. By sending groups of 10 – 15 individuals from different countries for community-based assignments in emerging markets, the program has helped over 140,000 people since its inception.

The Project

My project focused on creating a bike based cargo delivery system for the city of Ljubljana. This was as part of the city’s vision to remain as the Green Capital of Europe. The IBM CSC team collaborated with local NGO “LKM” to determine the need for a cargo bike-based last mile delivery system that will serve businesses and restaurants in the pedestrian-only zone of Ljubljana city center.

Following jointly conducted extensive market research, the CSC team advised LKM to create a for-profit company, separate from the NGO, to implement the service.  The new company will subcontract to existing delivery firms and provide cargo bike delivery of goods throughout the work day and evening hours. Our final guidance included two business plans and several financial plans to achieve these goals.   This assignment was done in Ljubljana, Slovenia in the Sep- Oct 2015.

The Impact

Our project helped Ljubljana strengthen the Green Capital of Europe title. In addition it has the three specific benefits to the local community (1) Reducing pollution in the city center (2) Providing a 24 hour cargo delivery system compared to the 8 hour system present now (3) Providing involvement of local NGO and create more jobs

My Experience

Understanding and learning from a diverse cultural team was an important impact. It was amazing to see how people from many countries (we had IBMers from 6 countries) could easily assimilate and work effectively to deliver on a common task. On a boarder scale it was great to see how European countries were ahead in making their cities Smarter and Shareable !

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