The Assignment

Ethiopia Team 3 was deployed in strength of 12 alumni to Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia from October 9th, 2015 to November 7th,2015. Our team of 12 was divided into 4 sub-teams that worked on 4 different projects. The team I was in worked with the Ministry of Women and Children Affairs to establish a communication strategy within the Ministry that effectively uses ICT’s to communicate with constituents and provide Social Media training.

The Impact

We were able to recommend a communication strategy that helped the Ministry of Women and Children’s Affairs to communicate effectively within their federal structure. Our recommendations took into consideration their limited resource availability and was able to provide a road map for the implementation. We also volunteered at HilCoE (School for Computer Science and Technology) to provide students there with practical tips to enhance job prospects by providing information on CV building, Social Media usage and created awareness on lesser known careers in Security and Big Data.

My Experience

It taught me how to approach and define a real world problem as a consultant and solve it taking into consideration limited resources available to our client. It also taught me to work with other highly talented colleagues from different cultures and background and make an impact in the team.

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