Gautam is IBM’s Senior certified IT Specialist @ Thought Leader level and Open Group Distinguished IT Specialist and leads the IT Specialist Profession for India/South Asia region. He presently leads Cloud Innovation team for IBM and is also an Oracle solutions Architect for Cloud Managed Services. Gautam has several publications, patents and conference presentations and is a regular speaker @ Enterprise Architecture forum in The Open Group and several academic conferences

Gautam shares with us – his journey with IBM

I am Gautam Bhat (@gautambh) – An Executive Specialist and Chief Architect for several key Cloud projects @ IBM India. I lead the Open Group’s IT Specialist certification across India/South Asia region thereby guiding/mentoring over 50,000 employees on the specialists career path. I am a regular speaker at The Open Group India conference’s and have several patents and publications to my credit. I have been appointed as The Senior Technical Staff Member (STSM) – one of the highest technical honour’s within IBM.

Looking at my long working hours and hyper busy work schedule, people often ask me, “what do I do @ IBM”? and my response to them is “I do a lot of things and have lots of fun @ IBM”. This doesn’t really satisfy them (obviously) and I end up getting a follow up question “how can I have fun by having long working hours”? This is when I truly feel the need to elaborate and share my career at IBM.

In IBM, we have career roadmap for Technical professions and Management professionals alike. I am an Associate Director in Technical Career path; Executive IT Specialist, Executive Architect, STSM are some of those roles that are at the level of Associate Director. In my 10 years of journey within IBM, I have played all these roles to my heart’s content. IBM gives the liberty to every employee to work on projects of his/her choice which is given due credit in the year end performance appraisal. I made utmost use of this process in engaging myself into multiple projects that gave me exposure to several technology’s, amazing colleagues from different geography’s and business unit and what not. This is one such experience that has helped in my career growth all the time. IBM with over 4.5 lac employees across globe is one BIG asset and a storehouse of knowledge.

One important and unique thing about IBM is that, employee’s achievement is not restricted within the organization rather it has visibility even outside. This is specifically in terms of professional certifications such as IT Specialist (ITS) and Architecture (ITA). I lead the IT Specialist profession in I/SA region for IBM which is a platinum member of The Open Group. The employee who is certified in ITS or ITA within IBM gets recognition from The Open Group. I did my ITS level 1 (Experienced), level 2 (Expert) and level 3 (Thought Leader) certifications in a span of 6 years. This indeed has been a turning point in my career.

Depending upon an employee’s interest and passion, he/she can take up any of the professions – Consultant, Architect, Project management or IT Specialist. I embarked my journey in IT Specialist and Architect path. I joined several high profile technical communities such as Academy of Technology and Technical Expert Councils which has a very stringent selective process. These communities gave me an opportunity to learn about technology advancements not just about the present but also in the future. I learned and worked on newer and niche technology’s over a period of time which was not known to me in my regular project work. I increased my breadth of knowledge….

The personal eminence which I gained through certifications and by playing several lead roles within IBM, gave me insight into work groups outside of IBM. I was invited to speak at Industry conferences and Academic conferences as a track speaker and keynote speaker on several occasions. This eventually transformed me into an avid regular speaker both within and outside of IBM. With the help of IBM’s University Relations and Academic Initiatives, I got an excellent opportunity to stay connected with Universities/Colleges in the role of Campus Relationship Manager for MIT Manipal.

IBM is ranked among top 10 organizations who is a leader in facilitating leadership programs in house and I am proud to say that I am one of the Technical/Business Facilitators for leadership programs which is a great honour. In this role I have the privilege to guide/mentor fellow colleagues towards developing leadership pipeline for a promising future for the organization and for our clients. IBM is at the top when it comes to filing patents and again I have the privilege to be an integral part of IBM’s Invention Development team with several patents and publishes to my credit.

This is just the beginning or a basic view of what IBM can offer to the people of this society. I would encourage and welcome you to join this wonderful organization and experience all this and much more yourself – All the best!!