My journey with IBM!

Having spent 16 years in IBM, almost the same duration as one’s formal education – now looking back at the wonderful learning experience, I could undoubtedly say that this has been my second schooling. I could correct the mistakes from the first one and could make a lot of new ones which I and my team learnt together from. I had a plethora of opportunities for constant refinement of my professional self with the collective wisdom of thousands of IBMers that walked ahead of me and along with me.

The culture that makes this sharing of knowledge and experiences possible is what keeps most of us addicted. This sharing and teaming is instilled in the veins of this company, without having the need to reinforce it at any point. Here, we consistently learn and win as a team and build long term relationship. Achievement of this mindset has been the greatest impact to my career.

I joined IBM as an entry level programmer. The key aspect, of learning and professional growth in IBM, is a proven framework for you to define your journey. I chose to be an IT Specialist to begin with and there was an abundance of resources to benefit from, like trainings, mentoring from expert technologists, opportunities outside current assignments to sharpen skills, a framework to get validated and certified etc.

With further professional exposure, when I realized that I would do better in a management, there were enough and more resources for me to pursue that career path. Looking back, it is amazing to see the freedom given to the individual by IBM to choose one’s journey and the resources offered to enrich that journey. This would be a prime reason for people to join IBM.

I would say, the influence is three fold – I am influenced by the great people who I have met in this company to strive towards something better for myself. I believe I have influenced positively, people’s careers as a people manager and subject matter expert in technology and management streams of the IBM career framework.

Brand IBM, along with the credibility of my experience in the company has helped me to be an equal partner when interacting clients. This helped me influence our clients positively through consulting projects, in some cases, with the same level of freedom as someone who is from the client organization itself. I believe that the trust that IBM has earned in the market place over the last 100 years have a lot to do with the trust that our clients bestow on IBMers, thereby enabling them to be a partner in success.

I am proud to be an IBMer and share my #IBMSuccessStory