About GTS Labs

The IBM GTS Labs, is a worldwide team of Distinguished Engineers, Architects, Developers, and Designers from the Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific with a large part of this team based here in India. With a turnover of approximately 40 Billion USD – IBM’s GTS business stands out as the largest provider of IT services in the world.

Our Vision

To be the world’s premier Labs for Enterprise IT Solutions.

Our Mission

To provide technology leadership for the IBM GTS business with industry leading development, architecture, and agile implementation skills that realize Cognitive Hybrid Assured IT for our clients.

We pride ourselves in delighting our clients with perfect moments, placing them exactly where they need to be in the world of Cloud and Cognitive, creating unbreakable bonds as we demonstrate being the world’s best labs for Enterprise IT Solutions.

The Labs encompass Hybrid Cloud Solutions, Advanced Analytics, Automation and Cognitive Delivery, enabling new offerings and driving accelerated value to our clients – transforming thousands of enterprises around the globe.  And with an outstanding team in India – the GTS Labs is leading the world from here.

Gopal Pingali – Worldwide Leader of GTS Labs, talks to us on how IBM is poised to change the way the world works

At IBM we like to call ourselves the technologists who are the backbone of the world’s economy. We help run banks, hotels, airlines, retail stores, healthcare providers, and many other industries by providing them the IT fabric underlying their businesses.

All these industries are transforming because the basic model of delivering IT has changed to cognitive solutions on hybrid cloud infrastructure. We are now living in a world driven by data analytics with the Internet of Things – companies, retail stores, banks all use sensory data everywhere – so it is a different world.

At IBM we enable our clients transform the way they operate and provide new their customers new solutions and a differentiated experience they are looking for. We lead the world when it comes to IT Solutions, offering efficient cost structures and a model that is data driven and automated – a mode that is cognitive, hybrid, and assured –  and that is our mission for the GTS Labs.